Laravel 9 Installation on Windows

In this tutorial, we will go through the installation and configuration process of Laravel 9. This a step by step guide ,which would help to install and configure Laravel framework on Windows operating system easily.

Before we head to towards installation, lets make sure we have the following system requirement on our machine.

PHP >= 7.3

BCMath PHP Extension

Ctype PHP Extension

Fileinfo PHP Extension

JSON PHP Extension

OpenSSL PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension

XML PHP Extension


Laravel makes use of a dependency manager called Composer to install all its dependencies. Hence before we proceed with laravel installation lets make sure the dependency manager Composer is installed on the machine.

  1. Click download composer from

2. Go through the setup and complete the installation of composer by clicking on “Next”

3. Next the window will display the resume of the settings, click “Nextl” to continue.

4. If their is any proxy URL enter here, or else leave it empty and click “Next” to install composer

5. The setup wizard will now get all the required files from and the installation will be complete

6. Woohoo Composer has now been installed successfully on you machine , Now click on finish button in order to move to next step.

7. Once the composer installation is done, open command prompt and type composer command to check if everything has been installed properly, we should be able to see this screen as below.


As the composer has been installed its time now to install laravel on our machine. First let go to the htdocs directory of xampp using the following command.

cd xampp/htdocs
  1. Once in the htdocs directory type the following command in command prompt in order to install a new laravel instance on your windows machine.
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Here we can replace blog with whatever project name you want to create the application using laravel.

3. Wait for the installation process to complete


  1. Now to start the application and run it local server we need first navigate to our project directory using the following command.
cd blog

2. Now to start the local development server use the following command

php artisan serve

Note : In order to run the project on different port other that 80 the use the below command.

php artisan server --port=8081

3. Laravel has now been installed successfully on windows, to access the application on browser type the following URL and hit.



Hope this installation guide helps you install and configure the Laravel 9 Framework on Windows operating machine.



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